April Planting Tips

april planting tips

April Planting Tips –

Spring is here and if you have been out in your yard surveying the landscape and starting to plan for a beautiful new spring season, you will quickly see that the trees and flower bulbs are blooming…and the weed seeds are sprouting.  Now is the best time to control the annual weeds early in your landscape, turf areas, and planting beds.

All perennial and annual weeds need to be removed – at All Season Landscaping & More LLC, we recommend only mechanical removal – not by the use of harsh weed killing herbicides for most.  Most annual weeds are easily removed at this time of year before they actually have the chance to develop strong root systems and most critically – create THOUSANDS of spreading seeds.  Perennial (return every year), weeds need their entire root system to be removed or they will come back.  It’s best to clean and rake your beds and then apply at least a two to three inch layer of new mulch – preferably shredded hardwood, cedar or pine down to mitigate new weed growth.  These mulches stay in place and shade the ground to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.  It’s best to get the weeds early before mowing season really starts.

Lawn weeds are a little tougher to control naturally, but there is a product called WOW made from corn gluten that is a natural pre-emergent weed control product for lawns.  This new product is pretty effective and kills weeds before they emerge, even before you even notice them. As it suppresses weeds, WOW! slowly releases nitrogen to feed your garden and keep it weed free!

Additional April Planing Tips

  • April 15th is typically considered the ‘last frost’ date for our area ZONE 7. It’s okay to plant annuals now, just protect new plantings from cold nighttime temperatures.
  • Begin weekly mowing routine.  But remember to cut fescue at 3” or higher to prevent brown out.
  • Mid April you can apply Milorganite to the lawn, and as an option… crabgrass preventer without fertilizer.
  • Apply new weed & feed to lawns and turf areas after weeds have appeared.
  • Seed or sod new lawns in April.
  • Define flower beds & turf edges.
  • Divide perennials & ground covers as needed.
  • Finish heavy pruning of Shrub Rose bushes.
  •  can plant container or box type Roses in April.
  • As daytime temperatures warm up, start spraying herbicides as needed. Always follow label instructions.
  • Spray Azalea, Rhododendron, Pieris & Pyracantha, if signs of lace bugs are present (follow label instructions).
  • Fertilize all blooming bulbs.
  • As bulbs finish blooming, divide & transplant as necessary.
  • April is a Great time to transplant trees & shrubs.
  • Start planting your new perennials in April.
  • Remember to water newly installed plant material & lawns, evenly & thoroughly (if no significant rainfall). Lawns need at least 1” of water weekly and plant material need a thorough watering until established.
  • Keep in mind that it’s best to plant when the soil is fairly dry. If you must plant when soil is wet, try using dry peat moss as an amendment to absorb excess water moisture.
  • Replenish or replace mulch around all  trees, shrubs & in bed areas to a depth of 3” to 4”.
  • Continue to prune any dead, broken or diseased branches from trees & shrubs, but consider each plant variety before heavy pruning this time of year.
  • Some plants require pruning before blooming or leafing out and some require pruning after they finish blooming or leafing out.
  • Keep in mind when planting…great bed preparation leads to great plant growth!
  • Service irrigation systems if needed.
  • As days get warmer, start feeding your pond fish.

Thinking about any Hardscapes plans (like decks, patios, fire pits, screen porches, etc.)? Call All Seasons Landscaping & More LLC today @ 571-208-6851 to discuss more April planting tips.

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