Lawn Care Tips – March

spring tips

Lawn Care Tips for March – Getting Ready for Spring!

Start following these tips in March to be ready for the new growing season.  Give All Seasons Landscaping & More LLC  a call Today for more SPRING TIPS and lawn care information.  We’re Manassas’ BEST Price in Town.  Let Us Help You Make The Lawn Of Your Dreams.

Getting Mower Ready: Start the new lawn-care season by taking care of the mower blade.  First, Service your mowerbladesharpeningmower for service in early spring. This helps you beat the rush of others so your mower is in tip-top shape and ready when you need to use it. Check the mower blade to ensure it is sharp.  If not, sharpen the blade to get a crisp cut when used.

Starting a New Lawn from Seed: Starting a new lawn from seed is recommended in the Fall, however, you can also do it in spring. Just don’t wait too long or until late spring to start.

ForsythiaCrabgrass Attack: Because crabgrass and other annual weeds need to sprout from seeds each year, it’s best to apply a well-timed application of pre-emergence herbicide early…this easy step can do wonders for keeping these weedy pests at bay. Spread the pre-emergence herbicide as forsythia blooms in your area start to drop.

Aerating: If your lawn doesn’t grow well due to compacted soil, in springtime — when your grass is beginning active growth — is a great time to aerate your lawns soil. This loosens the soil, allowing grass roots to reach deeper for better growth and allows the soil to absorb moisture better for a healthier lawn.

Lawn Mowing: You can begin or start mowing once your grass when it reaches about 3 inches tall. Note:  It’s best to keep most grass turf types in Region 7 at least 3 inches tall — this helps the grass ward off weeds and allows it to better withstand summer drought.

fertilizingFertilizing: Fertilizing is essential!  If you do feed your lawn a couple of times a year, than a light application of new lawn food in early spring will help you get your lawn off to a great start. Note: remember to keep it light, and use a slow-release or organic fertilizer for best results. Secret:  You can wait to fertilize until your lawn needs its first mowing…then you can fertilize it after the 1st Grass Cut.

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